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Quality Greening Wall

Japan’s Highest Quality Greening Wall  is now in HONG KONG

Suntory Midorie Vertical Green Wall system The Suntory Midorie greening wall system is created by Suntory. This system does not use soil, it uses the soil substitute called “Pafcal”. “Pafcal” enables the vertical green wall to be much lighter, much more fertile, more...

建築署 建業中心

其實綠牆都可以好靈活, 配合到不同的設計需要! 除了四四正正的長方, 正方形, 我地都有圓形同三角形架[icon name="smile-o"]係之前的job reference有,考下你地眼力啦!...

HK JEBN 樓上大圍

大家應該都成日見到呀DO姐樓上的廣告! 原來除了賣海味, 樓上集團都好著重綠化架 歡迎係附近的朋友去參觀呀 ...

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